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General Questions

Q: What is Spotbros?

Spotbros is an instant messaging application that allows you to discover public chat groups and meet people with similar interests.

Q: Is it free to use?

Yes, Spotbros uses your existing data plan and also works with any wifi connection.


Q: How can I get a Spotbros invitation?

To receive an invitation you must have a valid email account. Download Spotbros from Google Play or the App Store, open the application and on the login screen click on "Ask for an invitation" at the bottom of the screen. Enter a valid email address to receive the invitation. Once you have received the email invitation, you must enter the email and password that we provide you in the Spotbros login screen.

Q: I try to register an account but it says that my phone number is already registered. What can I do?

If this happens it is quite likely that you have registered an account previously. Enter your email and click "recover password". If you do not receive an email, please contact us using

Q: I have asked for an invitation but I did not receive the email, what could have happened?

The invitations could be in your SPAM folder. If not, try entering another email account, or contact us using

Q: How do I recover my password?

On the Login screen of the mobile app, type the email associated with Spotbros and then click on "recover password". You will receive an email where you can change your password for a new one.

Q: Can I use Spotbros in any device?

Spotbros is currently available on smartphones and tablets with Android 2.2 or higher and iOS7 or higher.


Q: Where do I find and how can I edit my profile?

On the side menu, click on your photo to open your profile. You can also access it by clicking on your profile picture in any open conversation. Once there, click the "Pencil" icon to edit your profile.

Q: Will other users be able to see my email address or telephone number?

No. Nobody can see your email or phone number.

Q: What is the Passport on my profile for?

The Passport is a unique ID that each user has in Spotbros. You can share it with other users and they will be able to reach you without sharing your phone number or email.


Q: I get registered but my contact agenda is empty. What can I do to find friends?

It is possible that your friends are not registered in Spotbros yet. You can invite them to join Spotbros from the main screen by clicking on "add contact" or also from any group chat by clicking on the chat options and selecting "invite contacts". You can also join any Spots and meet new people with similar interests.

Q: How can I start chatting to my friends?

On the home screen, tap the agenda icon (top right icon) and you will find a list of all your contacts. Click on any name to open a private conversation and start talking.

Q: Can I invite my friends to join Spotbros?

Yes. You can invite them to join Spotbros from the main screen by clicking on "add contact" or also from any group chat inviting them directly to a group by clicking on the chat options "invite contacts".

Private Chats and Groups

Q: Can I chat in private with a user?

Yes. On the home screen, tap the agenda icon (top right icon) and you will find a list of all your contacts. Click on any name to open a private conversation and start talking.

Q: Can I block a user to stop receiving private messages from him?

Yes. Open their profile and click on "block user".

Q: What is the difference between a group chat and a broadcast list?

In a group chat all members can read and write. In broadcast lists, only the administrators can write, while the rest of users can only read.

Q: What is the maximum number of members of a private group chat?

All private groups, such as broadcast lists, have a limit. Once they reach 50 members you can not add more unless you change the group settings to "public".

Q: Can I kick/ban users from one of my groups?

Yes as long as you are the group creator or an authorised admins. Yes. Click on their profile picture and choose "kick & ban". You can also click on the chat options in the administration section and choose "Blocked Users" option and then add them to a blacklist.

Q: Can I appoint additional administrators to my group?

Yes. Click on the chat options and tap on "administration". Select the “group administrators” option and add new administrators by entering their Passports or selecting them from your address book.


Q: What is a Spot?

Spots are public chat groups, without any limit of members, where people talk about a particular topic. You can find many spots that match with your interests and meet like minded people on them.

Q: Can I create my own Spot?

Yes, of course you can. Creating a Spot is very simple. On the main screen of "My chats" click on "Create group". Choose between chat group or broadcast list and set its visibility to "public".

Q: Is there a limit on members in a Spot?

No, the spots have no limit.

The Spotbros Cloud

Q: What is the Spotbros Cloud?

The cloud is your personal space, accessible from any device (Tablet or Mobile), to store and enjoy your images, audio files and videos. You can save and enjoy any content that you discover in the Spots or upload your own files from your phone or tablet.

Q: What kind of files can I upload or share?

You can upload any type of file to you cloud.

Q: How can I access my cloud?

Click on the "Menu" icon in the upper left of the main screen and then click on "My Cloud".

Q: How can I add or remove files from my cloud?

Press the "Options" button in the upper right of the screen. To delete files, select them and then click "delete". To add new files, click "Upload" and select the file you want to add to the cloud.

Q: A user sent a file but all I can see is a bin icon and when trying to access the message it states that the file has been deleted. What happened?

This means that the owner of that file has completely removed it from Spotbros. This action will make it disappear from any group or personal cloud where it had been saved.

Q: I have received a PDF in a chat; can I store it in my cloud to check later?

Yes, of course. Click on the file´s options and choose "add to my cloud". This will add the file to your personal cloud so you can view it whenever you want.

Q: Can I use the cloud to backup my files? Will they get deleted?

Yes you can, but remember that the files expire after 6 months. After 6 months files will disappear, so you should download them before then.

Q: Algunos archivos han desaparecido de mi nube y yo no los he eliminado, ¿Qué ha pasado?

Those files may have been from another user who has deleted them from Spotbros. If the files are yours then they may be more than 6 months old, at which time they are automatically deleted.